Simple harmonic motion and waves problems and solutions

In these pages you will find some simple harmonic motion as well as waves problems and solutions. We will always express the results in SI units.

In solving a Physics problem it is important to follow an order. The time you spend analyzing the problem before you solve it is a well-spent time.

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Steps to follow to solve a simple harmonic motion or waves problems:

    • Read carefully the problem statement.
    • Draw a diagram.
    • Write down the variables (with their units) and state the known and unknown variables.
    • Determine the concepts and equations relevant to the problem.
    • Learn how to work with angles expressed in radians.
    • Don’t forget to include the units in the answers.
    • Check the final answer to see if it makes sense.

Check the units of measurement page to know more about the prefixes used in Physics to express the multiples and submultiples of the SI units.

In the following pages you will find Simple harmonic motion and waves problems and solutions. Try to solve them before you check the resolution.

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